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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Referred to in Egyptian medical scrolls around 1500 BCE, the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy are well documented as a safe and effective method of removing toxins from the large intestine

When the colon is congested, other organs (liver, kidney, skin, etc) retain a larger part of waste products

In addition to hydrating and revitalising your immune system, the treatment helps eliminate:

  • impaction
  • parasites
  • gas
  • cellular waste


What To Expect

Your therapist will conduct a thorough consultation to examine the reasons why you are seeking treatment as well as identify any additional problem areas

During treatment, a soothing flow of filtered, temperature-controlled water gently circulates through the colon, coaxing your body into eliminating stored toxins from different areas

You will feel a slight pressure in the abdominal region

Your therapist will also use special massage techniques in the abdominal area to stimulate the release of unwanted matter

Afterwards, most people feel a sense of relief and well-being

The number of sessions required depends on the individual. It is recommended to have a series of treatments to cleanse the body of built up toxins

Once a balance has been re-established, your therapist will recommend a maintanence programme personalised to your needs